permanent exhibition

palazzo Orgnani Martina - via Mistruzzi n. 4/9
33010 Venzone (UD)


friday : 15 - 19

saturday and sunday : 9 - 13 / 15 - 19


full : 5 euro / cut price : 4 euro / school children : 3 euro

Memories and documents

Tiere Motus is an exhibition that, with the use of texts and images, helps people to review and better understand the earthquake of 1976 and the following reconstruction work.

However, this is not everything. It is also a window on the unceasing work of gathering and cataloguing of documents which tell and enrich this story. It is the tip of an iceberg, the submerged part of which is an archive which grows every day with private and public testimonies, statistic data and laws, memories and multimedia material from news programmes transmitted at the time and amateur radio broadcasts, which were the only, indispensible communication network in earthquake-destroyed Friuli.

This “Memory and documents” room is a multimedia voyage through this collection of material.

A film shows, on an orographic model of the region, the repetitions of the tremors during the 1976 earthquake, and the force and the direction of the seismic waves. Around this, two display boards show the seismic data of different municipal areas and a selection of destruction and reconstruction images.

Three other information technology displays allow the exploration of the documents contained in the museum archive, in order to learn more about what is on display or to learn new aspects, also more specialised, about earthquakes, the consequences and what can be done to limit damage and intervene rapidly.

Finally, the visitors are invited to take on an active role and leave their own testimonies on a magnetic wall and with a camera.

Share your memories with the museum, your knowledge and your opinions, because from this tragedy good things can still come, such as, solidarity, awareness and the ability to intervene effectively.

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Associazione Comuni Terremotati e Sindaci della Ricostruzione del Friuli