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The second time and the exodus

The Orcolat, the earthquake, has not finished its work.

photo Mauro Galligani

The people resisted the continuous strain of the tremors from May onwards throughout the whole summer. However, half-way through September the resumption of the seismic activity was unexpected and furious. From 11th to 15th September 1976, a devastating seismic cluster shook the earth repeatedly. During five interminable days, 79 earthquakes torn down every hope, demolished the people’s will and threw the Tendopoli inhabitants into consternation.

The damaged buildings crumbled cruelly. The repaired houses cracked newly. Roads were once again interrupted by gigantic landslides and new mounds of rubble. All the huge effort made during the summer was rendered useless. Friuli was thrown into a more complex situation than that of May, which revealed the impracticability of the slogans “di bessoi” and “from tents to houses” and the ineffectiveness of the Regional Law n° 17/76, which did not foresee structural repairs and anti-seismic adaptation.

The reality was so desperate that the Government sent the Extraordinary Commissioner, Giuseppe Zamberletti to Friuli once more with full powers. What was to follow was a real exodus of the majority of the earthquake-affected population. Long queues of civil and military vehicles drove away, with their cargoes of things and of people full of sadness for the separation and the uncertainty about the future. It was a painful and enormous task for the Commissioner. It was necessary to find accommodation, to transfer over 40,000 people from the affected areas towards the seaside towns of Grado, Lignano, Bibione, Jesolo, Caorle and the mountain locality of Ravascletto and to help them organize assistance. The first worry was that of keeping each community united, also in their new destinations. The Municipal Authorities assisted by sending purposely-chosen administrative delegations to the host localities.

Direct transport connections were set up between the host localities and the original ones, with buses that transported thousands of people forced to undergo a tiring commute both ways every day.

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