permanent exhibition

palazzo Orgnani Martina - via Mistruzzi n. 4/9
33010 Venzone (UD)


friday : 15 - 19

saturday and sunday : 9 - 13 / 15 - 19


full : 5 euro / cut price : 4 euro / school children : 3 euro

The exhibiton route

Room A / Reception
the geography of the earthquake - reception desk - exhibitioners

Room B / 6th May 1976, 9 pm
the dawn of 7th may - the emergency help - the portrait of the destruction - the fire fighters and the ambulance staff - the people need everything

Room C / Pain, fear, anger
the size of the catastophe - the volunteers - the army, the alpine soldiers, the foreign armies - the funerals: a population’s mourning

Room D / A summer of life and work
life in the tent-towns - everyday life restarts – popular protest - the press and the media coverage of earthquakestruck friuli

Room E / The second time and the exodus
15th september 1976 - the exodus - the areas of evacuation

Room F / Knowing how to start again
situation of the urban areas after the rubble clearance - the prefabricated homes - buttressing, demolishing and clearing - the debate about the reconstruction

Room G / Science, techniques and legal norms
the studies for the reconstruction - “reconstruction of a wall” - the first legislative measures put into act

Room H / The “machine” is in motion
the role of the institutions and the legislative structure - the government of the reconstruction - the friulan church - the cultural heritage

Room I / The reconstruction is a building site
solidarity and help received for the reconstruction – the interventions realised for the territory - the planning for the reconstruction - the public funded reconstruction - the private funded reconstruction - "The Venzone Example"

Room L / Another Friuli
the development: industry, infrastructure, university – the foundation of the civil protection service - the gold medal for civil merit - “friuli thanks and does not forget”

Room M / Memories and documents
multimedia room

Room N / The Orcolat
simulator room

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