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The museum

Archivio Pignat, Civici Musei e Gallerie di Storia e Arte, Udine

One minute. First of all a rumble, a tremor. Then the earth shook harder and harder until it stopped all air and time. A loud, deep noise shattered the silence of the life that had ended.

The darkness, the fear, the dust covered the people and the towns.

It was nine o’clock on the evening of Thursday 6th May 1976, when a violent earthquake shook the Friulan landscape and covered everything, even the mountains themselves, with the dust created by the crumbling of the rocks.

The church bells lay on the ground and the hands of the town clocks were stopped at nine that evening.

The earthquake created death, injury, rubble, pain, fear, loss, desolation.

In the space of one minute Friuli was destroyed and brought to its knees.

This enormous tragedy and how the Friulan people found the strength in their own deep roots to get up and rise again united, with an exemplary reconstruction, thanks to the participation of its people and the work of the institutions, known as the “Friulan model” is retold here.

This exhibition deals with this most tragic yet, at the same time, the most noble moment in the history of Friuli after the Second World War. It is dedicated to the victims, to the emergency workers, to all those who supported Friuli in that period, to those who brought the reconstruction about and to the Friulan people.

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